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Canapes - In Search Of Perfection

What makes a perfect canape for any event or party?

We get asked this question time and time again and with over 20 years of international experience in catering for events or parties, from Canape Parties in London and Corporate Events in the City, to Wedding Canapes, London Fashion Week and food by Royal command, we feel that this places us in a good position to answer this question.

There are certain rules that Sublime Canapés always follow when creating our canapes. London, our base, has a wealth of vibrant food markets, suppliers of fresh ingredients and endless events for canapes to be supplied to, which means being in London gives you the perfect start.

Use Fresh In-Season Canape Ingredients

Seasonal and locally sourced produce where possible, It is so important to use the freshest of ingredients. Find your local food markets. One we can recommend is Borough Market in London where you can meet with the local producers and sample there wares.

Canape Ingredients Should Complement Each Other

Use foods that compliment each other. Don’t overcomplicate the ingredients.

Colour and design.

The colour and design of each canape is all important to creating that wow factor. Remember, most canapes will be for celebrating events or parties and London has a affluent population that wants to be impressed. Impress your guests with colours and design - and most importantly, exquisite tasting fresh handmade canapes.

Bite Sized Canapes

This is crucial for all canapes. Our rule of thumb is that a canape should be no bigger than one bite.

Canapes should be exquisitely designed, bite sized, made with fresh, in-season ingredients that combined make for both a delectable taste, whilst being impressive on the eye.

Sublime Canapés caters for a wide variety of clients. We provide Canapes in London and the surrounding areas. We supply canapes for Corporate Events, Wedding Canapes, Summer Parties, Art Exhibitions, Launch Parties, Private Parties, Conferences and many other events.

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Canape Event Enquiries London and Outskirts